MISS SIXTY watches

The brand was born in 80’s, thanks to Wicky Hassan’s intuition to propose a brand addressed only to feminine consumers, while everybody else used to produce unisex clothes.
Anne Hataway, Milla Jovovich, Choe Sevigny, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger, Misha Barton are some of international testimonials.
Miss Sixty girl is brazen and indifferent, yet soft and sensual and very much real. Miss Sixty is aimed at teens and young women, demanding in their quest for originality, quality and fashion, and those who feel close with clothes and happily play with style, sure in their final good choice. The line that has become primarily valued for the wide selection of jeans, today it is still feminine, glamorous, sexy, sometimes a bit ironic, but still irresistibly attractive, regardless of whether it is sports or luxury materials and elegant models.