CITIZEN watches

Citizen is a Japanese watch company founded in 1918. The name "Citizen" was chosen in order to bring Citizen watches closer to the heart of all people across the world. Today, Citizen is just that - a favorite watch of people across the world.
Citizen is the largest producer of watch movements and almost two-thirds of all watches in the world are run by Citizen's Miyota movement. Although most watches are "somewhat" Citizen, only watches produced in Japan bear a Citizen mark on the dial - a symbol of undisputed quality and advanced technology.
Citizen is the leader in the field of watchmaking technology with its unique patents "Eco Drive", "Radio-Controlled" and "TI + IP Titanium". Technology fans, professional divers, pilots and active people around the world have long known that Citizen has no alternative, and professional multifunctional Citizen models are the most popular sports watches in the world.

Citizen Promaster watches are one of the most reliable and most prevalent diving watches in the world.
Diving watches could be analog, digital or combined. Analog diving watches are equipped with a rotating bezel which makes elapsed diving time easier to read. The bezel can be aligned with the minute hand so we can easily read the elapsed diving time.
On digital diving watches this function is usually performed by a stopwatch, and those watches could also be equipped with a depth gauge, chronograph (for measuring and recording time intervals), tachometer (speed measurement), radio-controlled (receives radio waves, automatic setting), ascending speed alarm, maximum depth alarm, water temperature, water pressure and many more functions depending from model to model.
Citizen radio-controlled watches have always been at a top of the technological development. The watch receives standard time via radio waves which are broadcasted from Germany. Radio-controlled watches are designed primarily for athletes although people who are not involved in sports love wearing them because of their design and functionality.

Citizen has always strived to innovate and when it comes to materials, in production of its watches Citizen is using the latest materials which are used in medicine, car and aerospace industry.
The most common materials which are used in production of watch cases and bracelets are gold, steel and titanium. Titanium models have a very high resistance to corrosion, acid, moisture and salt. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and durable, water resistant from 5 to 10 bar, with a safety clasp which prevents accidental opening. Some models are equipped with a sapphire crystal which serves as a scratch protection. Besides day and date display, some models are equipped with alarm, chronograph and tachometer.

Citizen chronographs are displaying time and stopwatch functions with analog displays.

Chronograph watches are made primarily for athletes because of the possibility of measuring the speed although due to their simplicity and beautiful design, they appeal to all.
Water resistant from 3 to 10 bar, most models are equipped with ECO-DRIVE battery, which is powered by light and there is no need to change it. They have a movement which converts light into electricity and store it in a power cell. Case is made of stainless steel and straps are equipped with a safety clasp.

Citizen Elegance collection is refined and elegant and intended for all.
Models are available in various combinations. With leather straps in various colours, metal bracelet, stainless steel bracelet and a solid metal bracelet for ladies models. Water resistant to 3 to 10 bar depending on the model, with safety clasp or a classic clasp, automatic models which are powered by movement, day and date display...