BULOVA watches

Bulova was founded in 1875-that’s 135 years ago-by Joseph Bulova, a 23-year old immigrant to the U.S. from Bohemia, today part of the Czech Republic. He ran the company until his death in 1935-a record of 60 years of leadership unequalled in the industry. In that time, the Bulova Watch Company, as it was then known, amassed many “firsts.” Here are some highlights:
  • 1919: Bulova introduced the first full line of men’s wristwatches.
  • 1926: Bulova produced the nation’s first radio commercial.
  • 1928: Bulova introduced the first clock radio.
  • 1931: Bulova debuted the world’s first electric clocks.

Bulova continued making technical breakthroughs in the ensuing years:

  • 1940: Bulova produced the first TV commercial as part of an experimental broadcast of a baseball game.
  • 1960: Bulova introduced Accutron, the world’s first electronic watch. This revolutionary timekeeping invention, a watch without springs or escapement, was operated by an electronically activated tuning fork. Bulova’s Accutron technology was used by NASA during the space race in the 1960s.
  • 1969: On July 20, at exactly 8:17 and 41 seconds, Bulova landed on the moon when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin placed an Accutron timing mechanism in the Sea of Tranquility to control data transmissions back to earth. In all, Bulova timing mechanisms were an integral part of forty-six NASA missions.
Today, Bulova Corporation’s portfolio of brands targets distinct consumer segments.

The signature brand in the portfolio has an aided brand awareness in North America of 79%. The dramatic growth of the brand during the last decade has been the result of a renewed focus on design and style enhanced by technology. Bulova continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers with a broad product offering appropriate for a range of customer lifestyles.



2010 is a momentous year for Bulova. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Accutron, a limited edition replica of the Accutron Spaceview 214 will be released. Bulova will also revolutionize watchmaking once again with its groundbreaking proprietary Precisionist technology.
2010 highlights:
  • Accutron Spaceview: In 1960, Bulova introduced Accutron, the world’s first electronic watch. To honor the history of Bulova and Accutron and to celebrate Accutron’s 50th anniversary, a limited edition replica of the original Accutron Spaceview 214 will be produced. Only one thousand pieces will be manufactured. Accutron Spaceview has been meticulously recreated in stainless steel, with a curved sapphire crystal. Each hand-made collector’s model comes in a specially designed wood display case. Like its predecessor, this is sure to become one of the most prized collectibles among watch enthusiasts.
  • Bulova Precisionist: Bulova will unveil a new watch technology that represents a breakthrough in accuracy, design and style at BaselWorld 2010. Bulova Precisionist is the world’s most accurate watch with a continuously sweeping second hand. Most quartz watches are accurate to 15 seconds a month, while Bulova Precisionist is accurate to 10 seconds a year. The introduction of the revolutionary Precisionist technology is testimony to Bulova’s ongoing commitment to innovation.