BROSWAY jewellery

Italian history and culture enclosed in a Brosway jewel. A colorful, charming and elegant universe. Perfect symbols to express your own desire to communicate, fascinate and seduce. For you, who love to be in the spotlight and to stand out with unique details. For you, who play with your look everyday. For you, who love dreaming.

Each jewel speaks about you.

Brosway is the most famous Italian brand in the Italian jewellery sector. It is a successful brand flaunting tradition related features yet at the same time incorporating new challenges through creations that are ever-attentive to the most chic detail, well ahead of tastes and trends. In what is considered the country of fashion par excellence, Brosway represents a way of being, living, thinking and loving.

Extremely high level design, aesthetic taste and masterful technique create unique, unmistakeable jewels, examples of perfection, beauty and harmony. Brosway is the brand that best expresses “Italianness” worldwide; it is enthusiasm, energy, passion and reliability.

Brosway is the courage of youth and the strength of experience. It is style, character and the capacity to convey emotion.

Jewellery has undergone major changes in recent years. As traditional status symbols have been shattered, jewellery has become an accessory that goes beyond the ostentatious. Consumer purchasing models have also changed radically. The focus is now on the emotional content of the jewel, which becomes an expression of personality.
Hence the Brosway choice to create pręt-a-porter jewellery.

Materials are chosen, starting from the stone, leather, pearls and Swarovski® Elements crystals. These give rise to extraordinarily beautiful, bright precious jewellery items that are full of light.
In Brosway products, 316L steel ensures a jewel that can be worn by anyone, as a non-allergenic and extremely comfortable product.

Brosway creations, marked by a strong personality, suit a versatile target of both men and women. There are no rules, no generational barriers and no rigid stylistic dictates. Brosway jewellery is timeless and, above all, ageless. It marks out moments, links withexperiences and is the ideal companion through life. From the very young to adults, through Brosway jewels each and every person can choose their own personal style to suit their emotions. Brosway is energy, dynamicity, a desire to live.

Brosway is Italian jewellery par excellence. It is Brosway capacity to translate and represent contemporary Italian culture that makes Brosway one of the most well-established brands loved even by the most sophisticated consumers.