BREIL jewellery

Express your true face. Choose jewellery that suits your personality.

Breil jewellery contains a secret and changes. Breil hides a surprise, and present different characters that each woman hides. Are you looking for jewellery that can be necklace and bracelet, short and long, you wish to change the color of your jewelry, to adjust them to your mood? Breil – sensual steel curves and style that stands out thanks to its quality, innovation and unique design.

To guarantee the quality of its creations, Breil uses natural pearls and stones. The pearls used are Asian river pearls. Any changes in the color or surface irregularities are natural characteristics that bear witness to the authenticity.
IP (Ion Plating) and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) treatments are methods of coloring  high quality materials. These techniques are similar to those used for precious metals where color blends with steel and other materials and forms an inseparable bond.